Closing stairs with solid beech, by Ruben

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After a request from a customer to reduce noise pollution from the home workplace in the attic, I closed the open staircase, among other things. Beech panels from were used for this purpose and finished with oil to imitate the color of the lacquered stairs

DIY with solid beech

I got the risers from approximately had it cut to size, a few cm too big all around.

After this, both corners were measured for each step (it was not square) and sawn to the right corner. When it fit, I cut the step to the correct size on the table saw and milled a bevel at the bottom for a nice finish.

For attachment, I shot the riser into the bottom step and attached it using a domino cutter on the top step.

Before fixing, the riser was of course colored with oil

The dimensions of the panels

80.0x17.0cm for the risers

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