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When we moved, I suddenly had the luxury of a laundry room. Well, let's be honest, it's just a laundry room. Enough space for my washing machine, dryer and to dry all my laundry. Now I want to turn it into a laundry paradise, so I am sharing with you the process of the makeover of my laundry room.

Description from Kimberly (

A laundry room must of course be practical above all. Doing laundry is something that should not take up too much time because I don't think it is anyone's hobby. However, you can make it more enjoyable by turning it into a beautiful and fun space. Of course, no one will be happy in a boring and bare room. In addition, a well-organized and tidy laundry room really adds value. So my plan was to design the laundry room in such a way that it is practical, but also fits in with the rest of the house.

Make a washing machine conversion

We have a tumble dryer, a washing machine , a freezer and a small refrigerator in the laundry room. Handy, but not too nice, such a stack of white goods. We therefore wanted to make a conversion for the white goods. In addition, the dryer, washing machine and freezer will be visible in the conversion, but the small refrigerator will be behind a door and there will also be room for a laundry basket. How exactly did we make this conversion? I'll share it below:

Since we had and still have too many jobs in our new house, we opted for convenience. We ordered all the wood completely custom-made from . Super simple and it saves a lot of time because you only have to put it together. You can have all kinds of wood and sheet material cut to size with millimeter accuracy. We chose , but you can of course also choose spruce, beech, oak, maple and so on. You simply enter your measurements, the quantity and you can also choose a finish. What also struck me immediately is that you can also order other shapes. For example, you can go for a circle. This way you can easily order your own table top for a round table!

Step 1: Make a drawing

It is best to have all your equipment already in the room so that you have a good idea of ​​what the conversion will look like. Then you measure everything. Of course, keep in mind that there is enough space around the white goods so that you can place them properly. Make a drawing in which you clearly write down all measurements. Handy because you can also use this drawing as a manual when you put it together.

Step 2: Order the wood

Normally I would write here how to make the wood. has to be sawn, but if, like me, you opt for convenience, you can easily order your wood to size. Choose the sizes and finish and check before you order.

Step 3: Assembling

When you have received the wood, you can get started with the drawing you made. It actually works just like an IKEA cupboard that you assemble. Place all the wood in a logical place so that you can screw it together quickly and easily. We also reinforced the back with some leftover sheet material that we had lying around.

The finishing touch

Of course you can also style a laundry room very nicely. Use baskets for your pegs, pour your detergent into beautiful bottles or simply remove the labels and dress it up with some nice decoration.

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How next?

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