Washing machine conversion with sink and tap, by Roel

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A custom-made conversion for the washing machine and dryer, including a sink and tap. In addition, it is a nice finish to hide (previously) visible pipework on the wall.

DIY: washing machine conversion

First of all, I made the pipework for the tap and drain of the sink. For this I had to extend the existing pipework, so that all supply and discharge points are approximately in the right place.

I had to saw the worktop and the standing parts myself, so that they fit around the pipework. to fit. I also made the hole for the sink.

I installed the uprights and the worktop using... dowels and angle irons connected.

The whole was then placed upright and the worktop was connected to the base unit for the sink.

Finally, the sink, pipework and drain were assembled.

The worktop is finished with a transparent 2-component lacquer.

Washing machine conversion exactly to size

The dimensions are 220.0 cm x 80.0 cm. /p>

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