Solid oak bar on kitchen island, by Janet

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As it is always nice and practical to sit directly at the 'happening' in the kitchen, the desire was to extend the kitchen island with an oak bar.

Inspired by I made this oak bar.

DIY bar made of oak

Inspired by I placed this oak bar. The three oak carpentry panels were sawn to size by These carpentry panels were then attached to each other using dowels and chair corners. The bar top falls slightly over the kitchen top so that you don't see any seams. With the bar stools it has become a beautiful whole. The whole can still be finished with a transparent varnish, but this has not yet been done in the photo.

The dimensions of the project

Two oak carpentry panels A/B 40 mm
Length x width 98.5 x 28.0
An oak carpentry panel A/B 40 mm
Length x width 128.5 x 28.0

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