Rabbit hutch renovation with weather-resistant concrete plywood, by Niels

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Do you also have rabbits where the hutch needs to be replaced? To save money, buying a new coop is not the solution. Niels therefore decided to get started himself and renovate his rabbit hutch. Thanks to the custom-sawn and delivered birch plywood panels from us, he was able to get started quickly. Read here how he worked!

Description of Niels

I have had rabbits for many years. Over the years the old hutch became outdated, so I decided to renovate the rabbit hutch. After searching the internet for shelves I quickly came across TOSIZE.be . 

How I made this project

I determined the dimensions based on the old rabbit hutch and had them cut to size at TOSIZE.be }}. After the panels were delivered, I immediately started the renovation.

  1. First I removed the old roofs of the rabbit house, which was fortunately very easy.
  2. Then I glued the concrete plywood panels together with strong wood glue.
  3. I then mounted the roofs on the rabbit hutch using screws

Now my rabbits have a safe place again loft to live in!

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How next?

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