Tough vinyl cabinet from Multiplex, by Rutger and Emma

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2 minutes


A practical vinyl cabinet made of poplar plywood. This contains 2 compartments, one compartment is for the 12'' albums and the other compartment is for the speakers and the singles

Self-designed vinyl cabinet

For a while I was looking for a place for all the LPs and the number of singles I have released in the past have been collecting for years. Later I thought that it might be a good idea to make my own cupboard where I could store all this and this started the construction project.
I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to make a design for the cupboard. . She started right away and the drawing was finished in one day.
After we calculated all the measurements, so that everything fit exactly on and in, we ordered the planks we needed to make it a whole.
/>Two weeks after we placed the order, the package arrived and I could start assembling the cabinet. With a little help, the cabinet was put together within a day. Before we started putting the planks together, we first rounded the edges and then sanded them partly. We used a special dowel machine to make gutters into which the dowels could be placed with a little wood glue. We let this harden for a while with the help of some clamps. We then sanded the whole thing. After this it was ready to get a darker color, which we did with water-based color stain.
In summary, it was a short, but very fun project that my girlfriend and I will enjoy for a long time.

The dimensions of the cabinet

75.0cm x 50.0cm x 65.0cm

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