Staircase / Bookcase custom made from MDF, by Harry

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Multifunctional bookcase

The space under the cupboard is used as a stair cupboard and the front is used as a bookcase. In addition, two niches have been made with spotlights in them. A small panel door provides access to the stair cupboard.

How do you make a custom stair cupboard?

We used two products: pine beams and MDF sheet material.

We started with pine beams to make uprights. These beams were also used to make the frame for the niches and at the height of each bookshelf to give it enough strength.

We used MDF for the bookshelves, only slightly thicker than for the finishing.

We then finished it with MDF, plugged the holes, primed everything and then finished it with wall paint. The same applies to the door, we also used MDF for this, which is also finished in the same way.

Custom stair cupboard

192.0 x 106.0 x 270.0 cm (length x width x height)

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