Sliding doors instead of knee bulkheads with underlayment finnish spruce, by Jan

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Sliding doors under the sloping roof. HPL plates dismantled, these were already dismantled a year ago when we moved into this new rental house.
Hanging rail system from Mac Lean mounted with plastic under guide.

Creating sliding doors

HPL dismantled with a multi-tool, these were stapled and glued to a frame of 2 and 3 parts that support the roof hoods. Various sketches made to achieve this result. Everything measured and ordered twice. After receiving the wood fit, it is stored in the same room and on slats to allow the wood to acclimatize.
All the wood has been treated twice with clear acrylic varnish (semi-gloss). The 2 liter can is empty. The first and between the 1st and 2nd layers have been degreased and sanded. With the exception of the cove, everything is mounted blindly.

The dimensions of the project

The external dimensions are: 291.0 x 159.0 (W x H)
A sliding door is: 141.6 x 61.0 (H x W)
Dimensions are in cm.

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