Robust bathroom cabinet made of poplar plywood, by Martijn

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Designed and installed a custom-made bathroom cabinet for a small apartment. The cupboard provides more than enough space for toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. and gives the bathroom a nice warm look. Finished with wicker baskets and some plants, it is a pleasure to have in the bathroom.

Created and designed by Blauwdruk Concept Builders.

Custom bathroom cabinet

To realize this project I used the following method:
1. Find inspiration on Pinterest
2. All dimensions of the bathroom were measured
3. Created a 3D design in Sketchup
4. All wood ordered to size from
5. The wood finished with warm oak interior lacquer
6. Finished with a matte lacquer
7. Doors measured and all parts fitted with dowels
8. And then the cabinet can be installed!

Very happy with the end result of the project!

The dimensions of the project

150.0x89.0x23 .0cm

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730,65 €

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