Play corner Ikea Smastad hack with oak, by Nikki

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2 minutes


We have created a play corner with the Ikea toy box/sofa Smastad. An oak plank with a raised edge has been made on top (protection of the wall). At the rear is a 'house' confirmed. This has been treated with magnetic & blackboard paint.

Solid oak desktop

We have created a play corner with the Ikea toy box/sofa Smastad. Leather handles are attached to this toy box.

The oak carpentry panels are first lightly sanded and then treated with a matte wood lacquer. The narrow plank is attached straight to the large plank as a raised edge by means of screws from the bottom. The large shelf is then attached to the toy bench with four screws. To ultimately support the plank on the ground, black scaffolding tubes and round base plates were used.

The black house is made of MDF. This was first provided with two layers of primer and then treated six times with a magnetic paint. Two layers of blackboard paint were then applied. The plate is slightly warped, so we would have been better off painting the back of the plate as well. The house rests on the plinth, but is also attached to the plank at the rear by means of screws at various points.

The dimensions of the project

190.0x50.0x50, 0 (LxWxH)

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