Kitchen renovation, finish top cabinet with oak rustic, by Ilse

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We oiled the plank ourselves. We sawed out the corner ourselves, which went well with the jigsaw with a fine-toothed saw. There was almost no need for sanding. From the corner that we sawed out, we made a wall shelf with three floors for some things that we still had to store somewhere. Still looks nice too. Happy with the quality, the prompt delivery and the clear website! We will definitely order from you again next time!

Pimping the kitchen with rustic oak

Not a large project, but certainly a project where it is important that the ordered panel of wood is properly cut to size. is perpendicular and not crooked. In connection with our kitchen renovation, we wanted a beautiful top plate for a new kitchen cabinet, which continues into a shelf. We chose a rustic oak plank.

The dimensions of the shelf

Rustic oak plank used of 132.0 cm x 58.0 cm, thickness 2.0 cm

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