IKEA BESTA storage cupboard in the hall, by Karin

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I made a storage cupboard for our hall from IKEA BESTA cupboards and plywood. The cupboard consists of a number of square and rectangular Ikea cupboards, alternating with two open compartments. Against the side, where you would normally see the seams of the various cabinets, I mounted a shallow cabinet with shelves. One part is covered with notice board. The other parts have a back wall of narrow slats that I glued to the back plate. The cupboard floats and I framed it on the side and top with MDF.

Pimping the existing cupboard with plywood

I first mounted the Ikea cupboards and then measured everything carefully. I had the boxes mitered and glued them together. First I connected the parts on the outside with painter's tape and then glued them together and secured them with glue clamps. After a day of drying, I placed the compartments in the cupboard. The back walls fit in exactly. I did not secure the compartments further because they remain firmly in the cupboard. Then I assembled the side and attached it to the wall as well. Finally, I mounted the frame.

The dimensions of the cabinet

The cabinet is 134.0 wide and 220.0 cm high.

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