Homemade systainer cabinet and cross-cut saw station, by Jochem

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Above average

2 minutes

Jochem made his own cabinets to store his things, but it is also functional as a work table. The bed of the cross-cut saw is exactly the same height as the two worktops, which makes working on it very comfortable. 

Systainer cabinet and cross-cut saw station, by Jochem

To give all the Systainers with tools a nice place, I made a lot of drawers in my cross-cut saw station. The bed of the crosscut saw is exactly the same height as the two worktops, so you can make perfect cuts.

How I made this project

Of course, I first drew everything in Fusion 360 When I ordered everything, I first sorted all the parts and then I could easily put the two cabinets together. I assembled the bodies of the cabinets with the domino machine to make blind connections, but this could also have been done with dowels. There are screws in places that are not visible. It is useful to use a long spirit level to adjust the exact height of both cabinets. Here it can be useful to have two people together, so that one person can turn the adjusting legs and another person can see whether everything is going well. Two spirit levels (left-right and front-back) are even more useful.

The worktops have a C-profile and a measuring tape milled into them. This allows you to adjust the two stops perfectly, making it very easy to cut a piece of wood to the desired length. Somewhere in the construction process something went a bit out of alignment, meaning that the drawer shelves did not all fit equally well. By removing a small edge or adding a ring to the drawer guides, it worked out in the end. The dust cover for the cross-cut saw does not work great, and can only be used for right-angle cuts. I later added inset drawers to the drawers, for extra storage space for the hand tools.

Dimensions of my DIY project

400.0 cm wide, 60.0 cm deep, 96, 0 cm high (the worktop)

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How next?

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