Espresso bar sideboard made of solid oak wood, by Khanh

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After buying our new house, we wanted to expand our kitchen with a sideboard including space for an espresso machine. An unused niche next to the stairs in our living room was ideal for this.

Before a cupboard could be built, the banister had to be removed and a concrete plaster wall was installed.

Create warmth with oak

Ikea is very smart when it comes to making efficient use of tight spaces. For that reason we chose Ikea Method cabinet elements to base our sideboard on.

For the solid wooden part I used the sawing service of These were miter sawn and the wood parts were connected to each other using slats and wood glue.

Due to the awkward size, glue clamps could not be used, so tension straps offered the solution. The plate for the back wall has started to work slightly, so it did not fit seamlessly, so a number of screws were used for extra strength.

In addition, 4 hollow wall flush-mounted boxes were installed at the back so that the cabinet could be equipped with of electricity. Very useful if an espresso machine is installed.

Several layers of Glitsa Parquet Lacquer were used for the finish. Very pleasant paint that applies well and easily. Sanding and varnishing several times is required for a beautiful and smooth result.

The dimensions of the project

100.0x70.0x60.0cm (WxHxD)

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