DIY custom kitchen bench with MDF lacquer carrier, by Bart

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2 minutes


A sofa that fits against the wall in the kitchen. Modern design. Easy to realize, consists of a base and seating area made of wood and 2 cushions.

Custom kitchen bench

First the lower half of the wall was painted over twice with a transparent 2-component matte coating, so that it is stronger and is washable.
Foot is hxdxl 34.0x35.0x110.0. Seating area is 7x50x110. Pre-primed wood thickness 22 mm, all visible corners were miter sawn. Everything blindly screwed and glued. Hidden socket was moved to the base (male plug with cable - new built-in socket). The connection to the wall on the right was finished with plastic corners (kit inside corners). The base was first anchored to the wall with 2 screws (drill 7 mm), then the seat part was screwed to the foot part from above with 2 long screws (no glue). This way, the bench can still be unscrewed if ever necessary, without a glued connection to the floor or wall. Lacquered twice with Sigma water-based interior wood paint. Skirting boards leftover meranti, mitered, with the same paint, 1 layer for a rougher look. Skirting boards glued with construction kit and connections (slits) filled with Tec7.
Have cushions made to size.
filling 'nice and sturdy'. Had no problem sliding away, varnish provides sufficient friction.

The dimensions of the project

Wood part hxdxl 43.0x50.0x110.0.
Back cushions trapezium 35, 0x9.0(14.0)x110.0
sits 7.0x50.0x110.0

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