Desk top made of MDF Lacquer Wear

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2 minutes

Om meer ruimte te creëren voor het hoekbureau maakte Nikkie een opzetstuk, zodat ze daar meer spullen neer kan zetten. Om te zorgen dat het opzetstuk bij het witte bureau paste, koos ze voor MDF lakdraag. Nu heeft ze meer ruimte om op te ruimen én past het opzetstuk bij het bureau!

For our corner desk we wanted to have an attachment to have more space for our things. For this we wanted to have a white lacquered wood that matches our white desk, so we opted for MDF Lacquer Draag. The L-shaped plate was not a standard option at, but luckily we were able to contact them for our own design. We have opted for an edge of 20 centimeters that is wider on the right side, especially for our record player. After ordering the large L-shaped plate and 8 boards to support it, we started gluing. We liked this more than drilling screws in it. The wood glue was supported by tape while drying. After a night of drying, we were able to neatly place the attachment on the desk, and it was immediately sturdy! We had never done anything like this before, but it was very easy to do, thanks to :)

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