Customizing removable Mdf foil panels for storage attic, by Jeroen

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There is storage space under the sloping roof of my attic that I wanted to keep out of sight. The previous residents had closed this space with chipboard. After removing the chipboard panels, they were too damaged to use again.

Removable shutters for the bulkhead

I ordered 5 custom white MDF foil panels for this. I mounted magnets on the wooden structure that supports the roof and metal plates on the inside of the MDF panels. Then handles were screwed to the front of the MDF panels so that you can easily remove them if you want to access the storage space. I am very satisfied with the result. I am still hesitating whether to paint the panels one more time so that the white color covers even better.

The dimensions of the project

1x Shape Rectangle (sawn)
156, 9 x 84.8 cm

1x Shape Rectangle (sawn)
187.9 x 84.8 cm

3x Shape Rectangle (sawn)
146.9 x 84.8 cm

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