Cinema wall with pine shelves, by Marvin

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In the house there was a wall with a fireplace and built-in cupboard in front of it. Removing the mantelpiece was not possible and there was not enough space between the wall and cupboard for a TV. A front wall has been installed with 3 compartments plus a recess for the TV.

Front wall with compartments

First we made a sketch and measured the TV. Then made a frame from pine beams. The 4 compartments are made of MDF and then everything is covered with plaster and plastered. The compartments are open at the bottom, making the wiring still accessible. The shelves are loose and are perfectly sized.

The compartments are equipped with sockets, TV and internet connection and Philips hue spot.

The bottom of the compartments is covered with 28mm pine which has been sawn exactly to size by The shelves are lacquered in oak color

The dimensions of the cinema wall

300.0 x 260.0 x 40.0 cm

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