Cabinet for the kitchen with natural wood look, by Joris

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To create enough cupboard space in the limited space of a kitchen in an apartment in Amsterdam, I made a shallow built-in cupboard to still have enough space for supplies and other items. ;kitchen' related products.

Custom built-in cabinet

Because I wanted to make the cabinet without visible connecting materials and to create beautiful details, I decided to use slot connections. For this I have all the planks at '' have it made, because they are all sawn to exactly the right size. Little shout-out to! After this, I milled grooves and slots in the planks to make the connection and milled handles in the doors. The handles are in the door, because this saves some space in the kitchen and because I thought this was a nice detail. When assembling the shelves were already tight, but wood glue was used to fix them.

The dimensions of the cabinet

240.0 cm high and 190. 0 cm wide

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