Built-in shelves made of robust OSB, by Wouter

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Floating wall shelves have been custom-made between a wall and a protruding cove, so that a functional shelving unit has been created, making useful use of the space available.

DIY floating wall shelves

To be able to hang the shelves firmly but without visible supports, I built a sturdy frame for each shelf with beams of 44x44mm. This frame was designed so that it could be screwed to the wall. Subsequently, OSB panels were chosen that were mitered, so as not to cause an 'ugly' looking at the head side. These were first glued together and, after they were dry, they could be slid over the frames and screwed into place.

The dimensions of the project

the planks are 150.0 by 45. 0 cm in size, with a thickness of 6.7 cm. These are placed at the height between ceiling and floor.

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