Box bench (double) to increase storage space

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Two identical benches with a flap so you can sit on them and have space to store things. Most of the material is MDF, the lids are made of plywood

DIY storage bench

My daughter Mieke has recently moved. Storage space is limited in the kitchen. Hence the desire to have a chest/bench. The sofa consists of 2 identical parts so that the whole remains manageable. The material thickness is 18 mm. Poplar plywood was used for the lid. This has more resistance to bending than MDF. All other material is MDF. I was curious about the use of pocket hole mounting. The advantage of this is that there are no screws in sight. That also means less work for finishing. I also made a tool to place the plates perpendicular to each other. That is very useful, especially if you work alone.

The dimensions of the project

per box the length is 82.0 cm, the height is 45.0 cm and the width 50.0 cm (plus a 20 mm overhang for the lid)

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